Prayer, Praise and Pride in Denver

Welcome to Ancient Paths,

We exist to tell the stories of what God can do in inner-city Denver. Not so much the structures but the people inside the buildings. Life is hard but there are so many things that make is think that God is in control. Denver is a city of neighborhoods that surround the many parks and all of us want to be coming together in these neighborhoods to celebrate our diversity of race, cultures, and nationalities and the common union we have in following Jesus Christ.


Our prayer is for the people inside of buildings like Planned Parenthood between Emerson and Ogden on 14th Avenue. Our prayer is for the people who are in the midst of tough choices and that they would seek God first in those decisions. Our prayer is for the youth and staff at Rainbow Alley, that life doesn’t depend on declaring a sexual orientation. Our prayer is that you would come to know God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our prayer goes out to the men who frequent Charlies a gay bar and that God would put someone in their path to free them from their lifestyle. Our prayers go out to the girls who work the street who have been tricked into prostitution by a predator who has waited for them, and infiltrated them into “the business” where they can’t find a way out.


We lift our voices up in the public square at the Basilica on East Colfax, in front of the Fillmore and at the bars, the adult bookstores and the Pink Flamingo bar on East Colfax and Clarkson. As we head down to the Capitol Building we sing the praises of what God can do and will do in our city.


We prayed these streets before the Pride parade. We are humbled by the responsibility and we pray for people to be safe and to be humbled as well. While prayer comes before praise, pride comes before fall. But after the fall the proud need to be lifted off the sidewalk and freed from their pride. We are called to “love God with all of our heart, soul and mind and to love our neighbor as ourselves.” We do not want to merely “tolerate God and our neighbors.” That’s what Ancient Paths wants to be- a light in this city and a place where you can find love.