Leah gave her life on the third step of the BasilicaImage

of the Immaculate Conception. She was brought into a life of the sex trade in Denver at 16. A pimping predator- gave her gifts at a coffee house she hung out at on East Colfax. After a time she tried to escape her “owner.” Early one morning she ran to escape and was stabbed 17 times on the third step of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Two lines in the Denver Post announced the crime.


Posted By: Richard Beattie

On the steps

we won’t forget

feelings of dread

and regret


On the steps

we’ll reflect

about the life

that was given on these steps.


Adopted into this world

a bright and beautiful girl

and bound to live a life of tragedy


The prime suspect


took her in

and used for slavery


On the steps


of a suspect never found


On the steps

darkness prince

crushed and left her

on the grounds

of the cathedral.


Imaculate conception

contrasting in our minds

On these steps we commit her soul


In stark reflection

we don’t know what we’ll find

as her blood cries out from the cold


On these steps- the third row

cleaned up, stained glass for the show

Doubled over,

never recovered

blessed mother of the girl. who died on these steps.