Good Friends

We start at Morey Middle School in Denver  and we praise God, we pray for the neighborhood and we head North on Emerson Street. This is the Denver inner-city mission led by poets and songwriters. All of the week ahead will be dedicated to this.

Solar Grilled Cheese

Baked in my Subaru as we parked here.

Good Friends
Posted By: Richard Beattie

As the morning up-lifts

to a day along the strip

where the means applied to the end

hand in hand- my good friend.

Tornado warning, tides rip

what we say- we do – getting down to it

the green in us must defend

our good friends, good friends

Signs on the avenue

times we follow you

prime- a sunder, world of wonder

minds and hearts renew

Emerson Street, middle school

no weapons – praying is the tool

Walking Colfax, women and men

Good friends

Good Friends- extending your reach

walking this praise beyond what we teach

Good Friends- lifting you up

seeing what you see

where your grace is enough

You are so good, God you are good

good friends.

I want to extend and invitation to

my good friends.

BT Denver 6.8.12