Free from the street

Free from the street
Posted By: Richard Beattie

Free from the street

free from slavery

bound to live again

See visionary

walk missionary

down to the place God sends

The call of God defines your life

His purpose rises high above you

The call of God directs your living

and go where He will send you!

sing out, shout out, sing out and ask…

Reveal yourself to me.


Free from these mean streets

free from the life of slavery

See all the people you meet

free from their chains of bondage


Get out of debt

Get out of the chains

Get out of the things that restrict you

run from the depths

of your soul in poverty

run past the pain

that reminds you

and ask


Reveal yourself to me

Reveal yourself to me


Reveal yourself to me

God, my father

Reveal yourself to me.

We are free from slavery

we are bound to live again

See yourself- dream like a visionary

and go down to where the journey ends.

The call of God defines your life

His purpose rises up above you

His call defines your living

Go to where He sends you.

Like Samuel- God- Reveal yourself

Let me see this city as you see it!

and where you want me to be,

Reveal to me, Let me see it.


Between Emerson and Ogden

Walk this way