Prayer for Charlie

Dear Charlie
Posted By: Richard Beattie

Dear Charlie, coming out of the dark

looking for something to ease the pain

Dear Charlie, time to embark

a new plan for your life to define-

It’s love.


Dear Charlie, We are praying for you

and we want to walk in your shoes in the rain

Dear Charlie- Whatsoever you do

Do unto Jesus- Give Him your pain.


Healing the pain of addictions

Healing the hurt that you feel

Healing that lonliness affliction

that the world wants to steal,

your joy is worth so much more.


Dear Charlie, come into the light,

come out of the darkness where you lived just last night

Dear Charlie receive real love tonight.


Seeking the name of Jesus

seeking to claim the hurts of your sin

Seeking the grace in the name of Jesus

erasing the steps of where you have been


Dear Charlie you can start once again

to live a new life the old must come to an end

Dear Charlie, receive his love my friend,

Dear Charlie you’ve got a friend


BT Denver 6.11.12


We don’t pray for the building- but who is inside and what is inside, where they are going, and who they are.