Press On -Emerson to Broadway

At the end of the prayer walk we take a little time to reflect on what the obstacle course means to us as a church and as Christ followers. Are we willing to follow him here? These glimpses and snapshots are disturbing and inspiring at the same time. There is so much history on these steps and there is so much power in this group of prayer warriors and what God is doing in their lives. My question is are we willing to walk these streets in the Fall and when the snows of winter come? Can we press on when the people we meet on this street are cold and hungry? That’s when the campground looks it’s bleakest!  That is really pressing on.

There are so many stories to tell of the walking dead on East Colfax, and those who have been revived and so I invite you to take a walk with us to this corner of the universe that the only true love that warms the cold heart is God’s love. Ancient Paths is a “house church” to the fatherless presenting God as our Father. Ancient Paths is a house church to the homeless; a safe place in a city that needs safe places. we are a church to the disabled; a light on the meanest streets. I hope you choose to walk with us.Pastor Richard

When the day presses in on you

when the world ignores what you do

Press on

In the driving rain, in the pouring heat

Walk a mile up the meanest streets

Press on! Press on

When your friends and family make you out to be a fool- Press on

When love evaporates and hope is all but gone- press on

Run to his arms and let him respond – there’s no defeat in Christ

Safe and secure from all alarms- Press on.

When the building collapse and you’re on the edge- press on

When emotions snap no matter what they alledge- press on

As the sky turns grey, you survive another day

there is only one road home, only one way

When the morning comes and you observe more decay- just press on.

Alien to these streets and feeling all alone- press on

No matter where you’ve been, no matter where you are going to- press on

As long as you are sure you are where he has called- that’s the road you are on

where all you love and been dreaming of- press on.

Anthem, verse and chorus, call and response

Press on!

The choir sings and life goes on- so press on

Press on.

When you’re tired and weary, still journey on,

leaning on the everlasting arms,

Though there’s fire in the path, where you’re feet are on- press on.

BT Denver 6.21.12