Soulless Shoes

Soulless Shoes
Posted By: Richard Beattie

The let down

the strong relief

around town

a cloud of grief


There’s nothing you can say-about it

There’s nothing they will do- about it

Soulless shoes


Let’s get down

rolled up sleeves

the down-town

debt relief


No need to talk about it

They stare and accuse

my toes are coming out

soulless shoes


Much ado about nothing

No one to argue aboutit

a hollow sound of talking to myself

I could do without it- I could stop anytime

I could give it up almost anytime.


The sacred crowd

a coral reef

recieve a crown

but you can never sleep


self fulfilling words I doubt it

Don’t repeat what you heard

to the soulless


Just walk away- soulless shoes

just run away- in soulless shoes

the asphalt burns my feet

soulless shoes

we’re out on this summer heat

in soulless shoes

Down on the street


Bring me back a remnant

of happiness-soulless shoes.


BT Springs 6.7.12


Walking on FAX

Start here they say?