The Cold-Fax Prayer Project


alleys- sewers- just the FAX

Death by Step-FAX
Posted By: Richard Beattie

By these steps

we won’t forget

feelings of down and out dept

and regret. Death by step.


On the steps

we’ll reflect

about the lives

given step by step. Death by step.


Start here, start now

finding the shallowness of sand



No tears- here and now

the darkness of the inner man

the sinner man that drowns me

woman and man- hard to understand


Step by step from the school

Stoic in their thirst to rule

it’s a sewer, we are held against our will

to be tossed and killed- in this city. step by step… death by step.


So hard to imagine that it could ever go this way

So hard to comprhend living this way

So hard as we grab in- the cost of the day

till you see the outine of- one you love.


By these steps- we walk this prison cell block

On these steps- we are called to be living rocks

On these steps- all to real, lie, cheat and steal

and we take in the stench, evidence collect

step by step. Death by step.


BT Denver 6.15.12