Up-Up Urban praise
Posted By: Richard Beattie

Song of our Full step ascent

A B7 C D E F G A

Up-up let’s lift him up

up on the rooftops we lift him up

Up-up we lift him up

High from this mountain

we lift him up!

Am Bm Cm Dm Em Fm Gm Am Emajor A

1. Unplugged hands raised

lifting our voices- it’s urban praise

Look up beyond human haze

Fix your eyes on Jesus- Ancient of days!

Up up lifting Him up

lifting our voices- Lift him up

Up up- lifting Him up

High on a mountain we lift Him up

Once upon a time we were sentenced to death

Once upon a time we were left without a breath

Once upon a time a mystery

Until He gave it all on that tree

Until He have it all on Calvary


up, up we raise you up

up upon the rooftops we raise you up-Lord!

Up, up Lifting Him up

Power in Spirit we will lift Him up.

Let’s lift Him high above the fires

(that burn below us)

Let’s lift Him up above earthly desires

(His name is Jesus!)

Let’s lift Him High above country roads and city streets

He rises above our defeats and leads us to victory

Up up Let’s Lift His Name up

High above the Heavens we raise our voices

Up, up, Let’s look up

above our choices, We will lift Him up

He’s above our everything

He provides all we need

lift Him above.

He is love!

BT Springs 6.23.12