Mountain Shadows

Mountain Shadows
Posted By: Richard Beattie

Burned beyond recognition

Mountain Shadows smoldering

life is hard.


Learned the Great Comission

could be simmering beneath

my own backyard.


Plumes of smoke linger

smokey voice sings

Pray for rain


Concerned intuition

I use to love when I was young

You give me inspiration

I use to get where I come from


Plumes of smoke hang

in the air as I cry out

“Pray for Rain”


Cry out

Lift it up now

and Pray for Rain

Pray for Rain!


The aftermath, bleak conditions

on this sad day

The everlast, dire predictions

across highways, across the way


Plumes of red

hang on the cross and I cry out

“Pray for Rain”


On a Hill far away

darkness and flames

Pray for Rain

Pray for Rain.


All that’s left are concrete foundations

in the aftermath, the aftermath

Crossing the hill, at the station

slipping fast, slipping fast


In the dark sky, to the sunsrise

I cry out, “pray for rain”

pray for rain


From the black eyed susans

I sing out, “Pray for Rain, Pray for Rain”


Mountain Shadows, silloutte

Pray for rain, Pray for Rain

In the shadows, we might never forget

Pray for Rain, pray for rain.


BT Springs 6.27.12