Burnt Burgundy


The Burgundy Album


The burn scar, the guitar

“with this ring I do wed”

sings the Northern Star to us

The wisdom of this age

and a turn of the page

Burnt Burgundy, flows like blood

Near and far, by foot or car,

the dreams of common men

posted at the corner bar.

The “How Come?” the beating drum

Burnt burgundy, flows like blood

Covering the hillside

Hovering oer the foolish pride

Hidden from the world outside

of my window by the mountainside

Traders from the world inside

prophets of the word- collide

it’s a battle like a color war, water colors turned to wine,

returning for his bride…

The flames are just a memory

there’s nothing more for you to see

but in the midst our integrity

flows like blood down the hill

The view from here at sunrise

flows like blood from this hill,

like burning integrity, the passion between you and me

like the memory of flaming love revealed.

Revealed for the world to see

covered by burnt burgundy

flows like blood.

Sangre de Christo!

Sangre de Christo!

De coloras changed

The colors changed

Red to Crimson, white as snow

the signal changed

the truth remains, rising up

flows like blood.