Isolation- Theater 9

Isolation -Theater 9
Posted By: Richard Beattie

Isolation is a killer. When a young man is left to his own devices Satan opens up a war chest filled with dark thoughts and choices that put our lives at risk and in the case of the Aurora Theater killer, 70 people; 12 dead from 6 years old to 32. This “coming out” party of evil is waiting to happen everywhere. It is why the apostle Paul told us “Don’t forsake the Fellowship.” This is key to inner city ministry, the mentor every man needs, the love that only relationship can bring between our God and our neighbor. Richard Beattie 7.23.12

Convicted, unrest

turned in trace degrees

predicting perverted self-glory,

in history.

Conflict – interest


compliment – flattery

it’s the world’s chronic disease


This is the darkest night

Will someone shed a little light?

it’s poison in the first degree


Long before the broad daylight

we are in the shooter’s site

pray for us, lift us up past isolation.

Immediate release

so much sadness, shattered peace

early in the darkest morning

we cry out- isolation

Immediate release

gut reaction, life increase

accurate fair and balanced

with every ounce- of me

“Lord Save me”

Hearts shattered

minds battered


What matters?

Lives scattered

some survive

will we make it out alive?

from isolation.

all the noise

all the toys

too many men are stuck in boyhood


We destroy

lacking joy

too many people in denial


this isolation.

separation of our senses and our prayers

separation of the senseless, numbed beyond compare

separation from the goodness of the Father’s plan

we are Son’s of God,Children of God.

We lean in on understanding

and we still don’t know a thing

the wisdom of this age derails our minds

when we stand on God’s anointing

it’s a clear day that He brings

leave this world behind, healing time.

Immediate release

It hurts to let go

We diminish, Christ increase

eclipsed  ego!

It goes down slow…

In the circle

we are one

violent world, joyous son

and when the day is done

We want to praise you


Isolation, no more silence

violent nation, no more violence

in the hearts of innocence

we live in unity.

Fellowship will not deny

the who, what, where and why

no more tooth, eye for eye

collateral damage.

Relationship- you and I

someday we all must die

it’s what we’re in pursuit of,

it’s what damns us.

In our rooms

with closed blinds

In our plans

we leave behind

in hindsight there are signs

of isolation.

BT Aurora 7.23.12