Monthly Archive: August, 2012

Ancient Paths from planting to church

Denver: From Monday through Sunday ministry should not sleep. This is a proven fact when looking at sustainable evangelism in a major city like Denver. Breakthrough ministry can be found through an everyday… Continue reading

Ancient Paths is the hope for Denver

Many organizations and businesses are going through that annual exercise that will lead then to a new fiscal year. The budgets are being analyzed and planned, talked about and depending on how much… Continue reading

Harvest in Denver- The Poetics of Music

  A poetic piece called “The Poetics of Music” a son wishes his father a “Happy Birthday.” It’s about a father who cared enough about his son going through “writer’s block” to send… Continue reading


Job uses the word foundations to describe creation of the earth. Proverbs does the same thing. Foundation is the bases of what we have to build on- as far as structure from chord… Continue reading

Friendship-Three places at once

Friendship-Three places at once