Saving the world one sunrise at a time


The drive up the I-25 corridor from Colorado Springs to Denver on Easter Sunday was stunning. A Sunny resurrection of Spring; packed parking lots; reports of 12,000 people at Sunrise Services at Red Rocks, and millions of people around the world declaring, “He is Risen,” with millions more responding by text, e-mail and out loud, “He is Risen indeed.”

World take over? Or “saving the world?”

At Easter every Christian is an evangelist in the message, the mission and the music with so much of the concentration on who Jesus is and why he is the single most important person in history. There have been many dictators who declared that they would “take over the world,” and their messages of hate and violence were thwarted. How many people have come to “save the world” from their sins and really are “God’s gift to the world”?

Empty egg

Human nature and rejection are a part of this process, but the message of “loving God with all your heart soul and mind, and your neighbor as yourself,” has resonated throughout the history of the last 2000 years. In Denver at Ancient Paths House Church in City Park, Pastor Bruce Duell, laid out the evidence. Kids opening up “resurrection eggs” pulled out symbols, the whip used to beat Jesus; the crown of thorns and the cross. Another egg had a rock that represents the two ton stone that sealed the tomb. Then there was the egg that contained everything and it contained nothing at all, because at last glance that stone was rolled away, and the tomb, the cave where his body was laid, was empty. Legend? Good story? Or historic fact? We are given a choice on whether to say “In God we trust,” or to reject him and his work. The one thing that is undisputed is that Jesus Christ died a painful death and the other fact is that he did it for you and he did it for me.

Religion kills, relationship builds

In the course of a lifetime people get hung up on what other people do with God’s plan. Pastor Steve Holt in his Easter sermon at Colorado Springs declares, “Religion kills, relationship builds.” The pastor and the founder of Mountain Springs Church and The Word and Spirit Network, came from a mainline religious background and pastor-ed a Vineyard Church. A few years back Pastor Steve found himself balancing sound Bible teaching and letting the Holy Spirit move in his congregation. It is true that wars, acts of terrorism, senseless acts of murder, and hatred have been perpetrated throughout history by “religious” fanatics. Evangelism is the act of building relationships and a revolution of loving God and loving people. “Religion kills (and the death toll is mounting), and ” relationships build.”

When you survey

On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone claims to be Irish. Valentine’s Day many claim to be lovers. On Easter even Atheists cook their Legs of Lamb and put on their Easter Bonnets (On Fifth Avenue in New York the outfits were men in Tweed this year according to the NY Observer.) Why is the first sign of Spring new life in the risen Jesus?  And then what is your response when someone declares, “He is Risen,” All Christians are evangelists on Easter Sunday and almost 98 percent of the respondents polled answered, “He is risen indeed.” To find out more about the Resurrection and what it means to your life please e-mail or

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