A lesson in Faith and Cancer


All of us- praying for all of you!


Evangelism is not what the branding image might spell out in the mainstream. Pastor Bruce Duell is an example of Denver’s purest evangelists. In the middle of a big city, Bruce and his wife Karen came ashore to see “if they could help a few people.” Yesterday morning a cloud of witnesses, family members from Ancient Paths House Church Network; people from the original Congress Park Evangelical Free Church plant that Bruce and Karen began 25 years ago, and everyone in-between, came together to pray and to learn another lesson; this time “how God could use even a diagnosis of cancer as a testimony of faith and strength.”

Duell purpose- a lesson on faith

Bruce was diagnosed a few short weeks ago and his prognosis looks good. “I feel great but I asked our friends to come together to pray, as usual, but today I’m going to be a little selfish and ask for you to pray for and with me and Karen.” There were prayers that had the Duell house sounding like a delivery room. Like the melting pot of God’s family, so many accents, nationalities, backgrounds, colors and generations praying, singing, praising and crying out to God. This is evangelism defined. Real and practical and organically stirring.

God shows up in Denver Bungalows

It is apparent in this setting that the definition of evangelism has little to do with showmanship where some white guy with great hair, surrounded by French provincial furniture, pounding on the pulpit with slickness in his schtick and wearing his white Elvis suit sets up. Evangelism in Denver looks more like a farm boy and his wife who have been involved in people’s lives in one of our precious neighborhoods, from a Denver Bungalow, with a simple guitar riff playing hymns and people praying in many tongues, yet of brothers and sisters loving their neighbors as they would like to be be loved, with one purpose and a common union.

Denver evangelical examiner

This column is written without fanfare but with a true understanding of what goes on in the trenches of inner-city ministry. Like Homeland Security its what you don’t see that’s  effective. There is evidence that evangelism, prayer walking, and fellowship is a factor of lower crime statistics; lives corrected at critical times; men and women challenged in their marriages and in families. These are the changed hearts and minds who were influenced by evangelists and missionaries like Bruce and Karen Duell. These are the things that don’t show up in the box score of the Denver Post. It is a multiplication table that is invisible to the naked eye, but it is men and women who are called perhaps to “help a few people,” who wind up being used by God in everyday lives and relationships.

Five Points of Influence

The five points of influence are evangelism; special needs and least of these ministries, a media that feeds our hungry culture; prayer points; and community building. Find out more by e-mailing ancientpathsdenver@juno.com. We would love to pray with you, if you have a request please e-mail prayermail@juno.com.