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A lesson in Faith and Cancer

All of us- praying for all of you!   Evangelism is not what the branding image might spell out in the mainstream. Pastor Bruce Duell is an example of Denver’s purest evangelists. In… Continue reading

Saving the world one sunrise at a time

The drive up the I-25 corridor from Colorado Springs to Denver on Easter Sunday was stunning. A Sunny resurrection of Spring; packed parking lots; reports of 12,000 people at Sunrise Services at Red… Continue reading

Re-evangelizing with new eyes

  Intro: The idea of re-anything is to look at it with new eyes. You can make re-visions, you can re-bound and you can re-focus, re-establish and practice great restoration, re-generation, that reaches… Continue reading

Discovering Mission Denver

Grant Street Church in Denver   In a perfect world Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, with a plan. True Queen Isabel made sure that he had a fleet to find that… Continue reading

Ancient Paths from planting to church

Denver: From Monday through Sunday ministry should not sleep. This is a proven fact when looking at sustainable evangelism in a major city like Denver. Breakthrough ministry can be found through an everyday… Continue reading

Ancient Paths is the hope for Denver

Many organizations and businesses are going through that annual exercise that will lead then to a new fiscal year. The budgets are being analyzed and planned, talked about and depending on how much… Continue reading

Ancient Paths – and a moment of truth

  One thing that impressed the youth on a mission in Denver this week is the contrasts. “One block south of Colfax is a remarkable change in landscape.” Indeed. From where the prayer… Continue reading

My song of truth

Meadow-grass and other things that last replace the hissing lawns that hedge away my past Growing trees, farmers on their knees, afresh with prayer bring new melodies- grow it in me, build it… Continue reading

Isolation- Theater 9

Isolation -Theater 9 Posted By: Richard Beattie Isolation is a killer. When a young man is left to his own devices Satan opens up a war chest filled with dark thoughts and choices… Continue reading

Cross Contamination

Who am I but a sinner? What I do? I’m a truth spinner When will I become a winner of your love? Where will I go when I get there? Why would I… Continue reading