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Soulless Shoes

Soulless Shoes Posted By: Richard Beattie The let down the strong relief around town a cloud of grief   There’s nothing you can say-about it There’s nothing they will do- about it Soulless… Continue reading

The Cold-Fax Prayer Project

Death by Step-FAX Posted By: Richard Beattie By these steps we won’t forget feelings of down and out dept and regret. Death by step.   On the steps we’ll reflect about the lives… Continue reading

Last Steps: Remix: Covered by the Blood

Covered by the Blood Posted By: Richard Beattie Covered by the blood Buried in the mud Handed over to the Father’s love. On the steps we won’t forget feelings of dread and regret… Continue reading

Press On -Emerson to Broadway

At the end of the prayer walk we take a little time to reflect on what the obstacle course means to us as a church and as Christ followers. Are we willing to… Continue reading

A long way from home

Boy from the sticks hooked on politics makes a speech on the capitol steps He came a long way from home how can we pray for him? Girl from the sticks out to… Continue reading


  Leah gave her life on the third step of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. She was brought into a life of the sex trade in Denver at 16. A pimping predator-… Continue reading

Prayer Walk

Prayer, Praise and Pride in Denver

Welcome to Ancient Paths, We exist to tell the stories of what God can do in inner-city Denver. Not so much the structures but the people inside the buildings. Life is hard but… Continue reading