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Where were you on 9-11? Safe and Secure

Denver: September 11, 2012 has evangelical significance for Denverites as it does around the United States. The conversation for many people harkens back to the age old question “Where were you when the… Continue reading

Harvest in Denver- The Poetics of Music

  A poetic piece called “The Poetics of Music” a son wishes his father a “Happy Birthday.” It’s about a father who cared enough about his son going through “writer’s block” to send… Continue reading


Job uses the word foundations to describe creation of the earth. Proverbs does the same thing. Foundation is the bases of what we have to build on- as far as structure from chord… Continue reading

Friendship-Three places at once

Friendship-Three places at once



Orchard Path Five

Orchard Path 5 Posted By: Richard Beattie Lead into righteousness though evil lies in wait Drink deep into  holiness and keep my thought life straight   Apart from emptiness orchard paths to follow… Continue reading

Mountain Shadows

Mountain Shadows Posted By: Richard Beattie Burned beyond recognition Mountain Shadows smoldering life is hard.   Learned the Great Comission could be simmering beneath my own backyard.   Plumes of smoke linger smokey… Continue reading

Detroit Prophets

  Detroit prophets Posted By: Richard Beattie I read the despair in your poem about your return back home all the memory past the tragedy all that’s left is the aftermath. Back Home.… Continue reading

Extending Friendship in your church

I will be conducting an all day workshop at Washington Park Chapel 1001 S Pearl on Monday August 20. Extending Friendship is Ancient Paths introductory course on reaching people with Intellectual Disabilities.  The… Continue reading

Prayer, Praise and Pride in Denver

Welcome to Ancient Paths, We exist to tell the stories of what God can do in inner-city Denver. Not so much the structures but the people inside the buildings. Life is hard but… Continue reading