Colorado Springs: An Offering

13 their work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each person’s… Continue reading

Mountain Shadows

Mountain Shadows Posted By: Richard Beattie Burned beyond recognition Mountain Shadows smoldering life is hard.   Learned the Great Comission could be simmering beneath my own backyard.   Plumes of smoke linger smokey… Continue reading

Water Flow Down movement 2

Water Flow Down Posted By: Richard Beattie Halleluia, Halleluia, God with us Jesus heal this land Hosanna God save us! The water flows down on the mountainside The water flows open up- baptized.… Continue reading

Detroit Prophets

  Detroit prophets Posted By: Richard Beattie I read the despair in your poem about your return back home all the memory past the tragedy all that’s left is the aftermath. Back Home.… Continue reading

Friends and Fellowship Workshop Offerings

EXTENDING FRIENDSHIP Extending Friendship is an overview of the mission field and how to get churches involved by starting, supporting and sustaining all out ministry to people with developmentally disabled people. This is… Continue reading

Water Fall down

There was the typical stress after the confession He was put to the test and hanged on his oppressionwater falls down flows down to us Take it downtown Just give me Jesus Take… Continue reading


Up-Up Urban praise Posted By: Richard Beattie Song of our Full step ascent A B7 C D E F G A Up-up let’s lift him up up on the rooftops we lift him… Continue reading

Extending Friendship in your church

I will be conducting an all day workshop at Washington Park Chapel 1001 S Pearl on Monday August 20. Extending Friendship is Ancient Paths introductory course on reaching people with Intellectual Disabilities.  The… Continue reading

Smoke Rises

Smoke rises Posted By: Richard Beattie Smoke rises out of control burn truth and lies no one seems to learn   Enterprises the wise man discerns what one despises it’s how you earn.… Continue reading

Prayer for Charlie

Dear Charlie Posted By: Richard Beattie Dear Charlie, coming out of the dark looking for something to ease the pain Dear Charlie, time to embark a new plan for your life to define-… Continue reading